Fundraising Update

March 25th, 2021

Hello, Everyone! It's been awhile! In under a year, I am proud to say with the baking done at The Mother Loaf, we raised 5k for local non-profits!

The non-profits we have been able to help are:

Winona Volunteer Services Food Shelf
Advocacy Center of Winona
Winona State University - StartUp Winona State

Habitat For Humanity - Winona Fillmore County

I want to thank all of you for your help! In the winter months, we saw a drop off in interest, so I decided to just bake for our own home, friends, and neighbors. I was able to get a couple of donations here and there.

This week, Jon and I decided to bid on online auctions for mixers. I'm excited to be bringing home this weekend a 10 qt and a 20 qt mixer. The next step would be to find a large oven I can power with propane that I can wheel outdoors from March-Oct to bake in larger quantaties.

Right now, due to the way our area is and the profit analysis I did for our area, I will continue to bake for donations. I have leared that to compete with grocery stores and other area artisans, it would not be a profitable effort to bake for income. I would have to scale to a commercial level, and probably take a hit for 3-5 years to make it work.

For now, I am happy to lend a hand to our community, and keep developing recipes for a future book that is a mix of my lessons learned in baking and fundraising along with original sourdough recipes. I'm ecstatic that I was able to add hot cross buns into my baking basket of skills!

Take care! Please check the order page for an upcoming schedule of bakes.