Fundraising Update

June 21st, 2020

Hello, everyone!

Just an update on totals. The weekend of June 20th saw $110 in donations. This has brought the total of $1437 raised for the food shelf. Earlier in the week, I had a seperate fundraised with the cause Bakers Against Racism. With that initiative, $87 dollars was raised from four loaves I baked of Cinnamon Raisin. The donations for Bakers Against Racism went to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund.

I cannot thank all of you enough who have donated in exchange for loaves. Our community continues to impress me, and I am grateful.

Things I learned over the week of 6/15/20.

I need to only bake 2 loaf types a week - max. This way ingredients and time are maximized.

A week a month needs to be dedicated to down time and creative thought. This is time with my husband, and time to test out different recipes I am making. It also allows for tight quality control and concentration.

Thanks again, everyone!